The Frost EP

by HelioS

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Number 2.


released December 29, 2012

HelioS, Gabe.



all rights reserved


HelioS Florida

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Track Name: Ascent I
Mother cries while he dies inside
The hut, surrounded by family ties-
I'm cut- of course the gods tell us lies
We have no food nor drink, and every wake reminds:
We're on the brink, teetering on the edge of extinct
I can't fish: disowned, a scatter-brained atheist
So I'll pack my bags, Mama please lose no sleep!
I need to go find SOMETHING for you and me
So bless my feet, let me run
Against the wind...
In search of hope: in search of Sun
Track Name: Silent Night.
*Phone Call*
Yeah...haha yeah of course Mom, of course. No, nothing much I'm just walking around. Okay...yeah Uncle Daddy should be here...tomorrow I think. Yeah, thanks Mom. Greet Daddy for me. Merry Christmas

Verse 1
Back in Jersey...
For the Break
Annnnd a flat Pepsi
Would fizz and freeze in this Snowless Winter
Soulless Christmas; just me and my sister...

Silent Night, Holy Night...

They left for the South
All alone in the house...

Verse 2
Just me and my sister
Two Peas in a Pod, X 2
Make gold out of crud
Shape life from the mud

Silent Night, Holy Night...

Sometimes, I'm surprised
How age changes a child

Verse 3
I thought that with pride
Looking at her, X 2
All alone in the Fall
Here comes The Frost

I thought that with pride
Looking at her
All alone in the Fall; She'll face The Frost
With me

Chorus X 4

Corinne Bailey Rae Sample
In my mother's house, there was happiness
I wrapped myself in it, was my chrysalis

There's a little girl, weary of the world
She got much to learn, get her fingers burned
Track Name: Vampires - More Thanksgiving than Christmas.

Verse feels good to wake up in the morning
Winter sun shines as my feet hit the flooring
Another blog post: guess you could say I'm soaring
My feet crunch the gravel as I look around
Taking out the trash - still no snow in town
Matter of fact, North Jersey neighbors are vampires
Every night I walk out, expecting to see a man-pyre
Prior to this, I was buffing a beat
For a song called The Comet I'll record then eat
So turn my mic up as I proceed to spit...

More Thanksgiving than Christmas

Verse 1
She had the tray, while I poured us some 'ade
I grabbed the plates, she had forks and the place-mats
Look, at all this food adorning this table
All the food I've been missing...
I've been away, but I'm here today
Can't believe she made this all
She has grown ever since the Fall

And now we eat, my heart so sweet
As I think...
That Mom and Dad might not
Be here but we still eat
This one meal as one big family

Verse 2
Never a dull moment with sis
She's funny; she might crack my ribs
Here comes my uncle and his new wife...

May God watch as we dine
Grant us life as we eat
In your name and in your son
Lend us your warmth, and please
Give us some snow (Haha)

And now we eat, my heart so sweet
As I think...
That Mom and Dad might not
Be here but we still eat
This one meal as one big family


May God watch as we dine
Grant us life as we eat
In your name and in your son
Lend us your warmth, and please
Give us some snow
I wanna see snow
I'd love to see snow (Haha)
Track Name: Help.
She said:
"Junior, I have something to say
Promise me you won't be mad
We just had a really nice day
Do I look fat in this dress?
Did I eat that? I'm a mess
If I lose 21 pounds
Would I fit in my Forever
Sweater better so tell her
What you really think!
Tell her beauty's not defined
In a Runway scene!
Junior, please answer me!
You've always been like this!
Sometimes you make me scream
And cry myself to sleep
What am I supposed to say?
Antiwen, I'm on the fringe
And then she says to me:

Junior, I -----

Broke my Choux Pastry Heart X 2

I blame myself...myself
Ignored all her cries for help
Myself...oh...myself...oh...her Help

*Frost wind begins blowing*
Track Name: The Frost. Feat Gabe
*Frost wind blowing*

This icy prison, I had made to live in, X 3
Would defrost at their stares from the heat I was speaking...

Oh no...oh no...she knows...she knows...

Outreach to all I love destroys my family's pride
HelioS, One with the Sun, musical light resides
Heart torn in two, for my Mother, half I hide
Secret love affair with notes fills the hollow insides

Play piano keys, sing your sweet lullabies
Goodbyes, guitar cries, how my soul replies
Don't know how I'll live on if half me dies
We flee to be free, keep our tempos alive
Realize my loss is love and would be homicide
Dearest Mother I love most with those tears in your eyes

December 31st, the best day of my year
Animus Sessions was finally here
About to kick off my rap career!
But she nudges me, "What is it?"
"Mum, she wants to speak."
"Why? What could it possibly be?"

She knows...oh...oh...oh

Junior, listen to me as I speak
My eyes see an album cover on my feed
I thought you said you'd
Promise me you'd stop, you said I'm not
Rapping anymore
Please delete all these songs for your mom

Yes, I will erase
All these songs
All my work
All this music that I love
For you...for you...for you

And these tears that you see
Slide my cheek
Every song I delete
Days I spent wishing we...

Could relax
One family
Listening to my songs

Stop crying!
But I can't...I can't stop...I can't stop...I can't stop

*Frost wind ends.*
Track Name: Ascent II
So I ran for hope, in search of the Sun
In search of water to feed the crops of my mother
Enemies came by the day, slaughtered then sent back to clay
Let them tell their forefathers that HelioS don't play
Underneath the desert sun, I flourish
Not a wrinkle to my face; I remain nourished
Twisting the necks of the Fates
Bending their backs till it breaks
Till I found myself at the very gates
Track Name: 2011 - 2 lEGIT 2 qUIT.
2 lEGIT 2 qUIT
In the city of Buenos Aires
Where decadence they admired
I picked up a pen for One Be Lo
And wrote my first rhyme on the low

And that was it, the urge to spit
Engulfed me, a glove that fit
When others didn't, too legit
To quit; I would sit in my room
Rhyme when I could, even in school
In Mass, skip class, head for the loo
Writing rhymes where others shit
I found a mic, I learned to mix
Dropped some songs, they were dissed
Still persist, 2 lEGIT 2 qUIT
Hammering down my styles
As I showed them to my pals
Hit custom on Facebook
Cause my family wasn't down
I was closed, but the more I showed, they seemed to care
So I opened up and my shell disappeared
This icy prison, I had made to live in
Would defrost at their stares from the heat I was speaking. X 2
This icy prison, I had made to live in
Will defrost at their stares from the heat I am speaking.